Växjö is the city of art and culture, where there is something for everyone. The museum park includes Smålands museum, The Swedish Glass Museum and the Emigrants' House. A stone's throw away is the Cathedral with the Karolinerhuset from 1715 where Carl Linnaeus went to school. World-famous glass artists can be found on Glasgatan. Our figure skating Växjö Art Site starts in the city center and takes us around the lakes. In the middle of town stands the concert hall with the impressive Christina Nilsson hall, where concerts, theatre and musical productions replace each other.

And Evedals Camping is the perfect starting point for many of the pleasant sights that can be found in the surroundings.


At Evedal there are two beaches, one for the older children with diving towers and piers, sandy beach and volleyball court as well as an ice cream kiosk.

The area has nice playgrounds with new modern play equipment. On the other slightly smaller bathing area, the small children usually hang out there are shallow, no piers and are right next to a playground with swings and other fun tools.


Kronoberg Castle Ruins, located on the shores of Lake Helgasjön, was originally a bishop's castle. Many people probably associate Kronoberg with the insurgent Nils Dacke who spent Christmas at Kronoberg in 1542.

Dacke's rebellion was defeated and the castle was expanded by Sweden's King Gustav Vasa and his sons as an important part of the border defense with Denmark. At this time Blekinge, Halland and Skåne were Danish landscapes. By the end of the 17th century, these landscapes had become Swedish and the castle's location was not as strategic. Instead, they started to break stones at the castle into housebuildings in Växjö.

There are said to be ghosts in the castle and in the lake lurks the sea robbery?

If you want to get more out of your visit to the castle ruins, you can add our hiking package or tick "canoe" when booking your accommodation with us.


Växjö, which was named "The Food Country Capital of the Year 2015" offers many cafés and restaurants, has a large selection of shopping & the exciting shopping mall "Grand Samarkand" with over 70 stores.

The tourist office is located in the residence by the main square, open daily during July, 0470-73 32 80

Cycle or walk around Växjösjön which is located in the middle of the city and beautiful nature all around. Next to the lake is the Emigrants' House and Växjö Glass Museum a must when visiting Växjö.

Bus to city – Line 7 runs from Evedal all the way down to the travel centre/station. See more at


– An unforgettable trip at sea on one of Sweden's oldest steamboats. Helgasjön is served by Ångaren Thor in the summer with a home port next to Kronoberg Castle Ruins.

The steamer Thor was built in 1887 and operates sweden's southernmost lock at Åby.

The lock is still in use and "locking with Thor" is a memory for life.

The Steamer Thor is a technologically historical "must" for those enthraled by the steam power.

During the tours we hear a little more about life on and around Helgasjön. There will be stories about the medieval bishop's castle Kronoberg, which in the 16th century was converted into the king's castle and which was also Nils Dacke's headquarters. There are said to be ghosts at the castle, in the lake lurks the sea guild and King Gustaf's son Erik donated a large farm on the northern shore of Lake Helgasjön to his mistress the year before he himself became king.

Do you wonder what the court ate and drank at the castle during the Vasa kings' time? We find out during the boat trip, but we also hear what the more ordinary people, such as Lasse Vedekar and Ingrid Bagerska, had to settle for on the plate.

Then, of course, there will be a few things about SS Thor and the other steamers that have served the lakes, canals and locks in the water area.

The reception at the campsite will help you book a seat on board or book yourself at 0470-704200

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