GPDR & Cookies

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Evedals Camping is responsible for the processing of the personal data you register. Evedals Camping will process your personal data for the purpose of administering booking and payment, as well as to send you information you requested.

You have the right to request once a year free of charge, in writing to find out what data has been registered, from where the data has been retrieved and to receive information about any recipients to whom the data has been disclosed. 

You have the right to request correction of any changed or incorrect information at any time or to request that you be removed from our registers.

About Cookies

According to the Electronic Communications Act, anyone who visits a website must be informed about what cookies and other storage technologies are used for. The purpose of the provision is to protect the privacy of the user/visitor.

What is a cookie? A cookie is an informational text file stored on your device (mobile, computer or tablet). Cookies are used on many websites to give the user access to various functions. There are two types of cookies. One is temporarily stored on your computer while you are browsing a page. It disappears when you close your browser. The second type saves a file for a long time on your computer. For example, it's used for features that tell you what's new since you last visited the current site.

Session cookies are used to keep traffic statistics on the website. While you visit the website, the cookie is sent between your computer and the server. Session cookies disappear from your device when you close your browser.

Thirdpart cookies are used by us to target advertising to relevant audiences. This is done through retargeting campaigns. Through cookies, we do not store any information that can be linked to an individual.